Help-a-Knight Program
from the Red Knights Motorcycle Club

Have you ever been traveling and thought, “Gee I don't know anyone around here. Where is the best place to eat, stay, or get my bike worked on?” That's what the Help-A-Knight program is for – to maintain a database of Red Knights who are willing to accept telephone calls and help fellow Red Knights. Some of the help may be for information, or other options you may help on is if a RK member can stay overnight, pitch a tent in your yard, or leave their bike at your house.

The Red Knights Help-a-Knight program available on line.

We continually update the version that is available on the web page. Below is the registration form to add or update your information in the H-A-K program. Please look over your state listing and let our editor know if there are people listed who are no longer members of your chapters.

Let us know if you use the H-A-K program on the road , and what stories you have about meeting up with your Red Knight brothers and sisters while on the road. Thank you.

If you would like to send in your information to be included in the "HAK" program or update your information, you can fill out and automatically send an ELECTRONIC HAK Form.


But have you ever thought of using your HAK list to help you PLAN your trip?

The Help-A-Knight program is a great resource if you are on the road and having trouble. The listing of Red Knights available around the globe may be one of those pieces of information that helps you through a tough jam.

I started contacting members in the list when I was beginning to plan some motorcycle vacations. Since I started doing that I have found members who have invited me to stay with them, a number of times I have gotten together as I pass through their areas for a shared a meal or a coffee with them. One chapter had much of its Executive Board come along for a dinner at a local restaurant while I was in the area. Another chapter had a group of members meet up with me and we all rode on my route together for a while.

One member I called had recently retired and relocated from the area I was to visit. He called me back after making arrangements with his old FD giving me the chance to bunk down with the on-duty crews at fire house with my bike safely tucked away in the apparatus bay for the night.


What a great way to make friends and meet more Red Knights.


Think about if someone from another part of the country (or the world) called you and said they were passing through your back yard. Wouldn't it be cool to meet up with them for a coffee, meal, a ride along, or a handshake.

The HAK program is there for you to use — Use it to your best advantage and to help make your next road trip even more memorable through the people you meet.

Bob Laford



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