A proclamation by the Governor of Massachusetts
March 2002

WHEREAS, as an energy efficient vehicle which effectively reduces fuel consumption and contributes to the lessening of traffic and parking congestion, the motorcycle is an increasingly popular means of transportation for commuting, as well as for touring and recreational uses, and

WHEREAS, there is a growing need for cooperation between drivers of automobiles and trucks, motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians who use our streets and highways to reduce injuries and fatalities, and

WHEREAS, it is critical for all Massachusetts citizens - not just the approximately 250,000 licensed motorcyclists - to increase their knowledge of the rules of the road and the rights and responsibilities of all roadway users, and

WHEREAS, numerous organizations are committed to making our streets and highways safe for all motor vehicle-related transportation, including the Governor's Highway Safety Bureau, the Registry of Motor Vehicles and its Massachusetts Riders Education Program training sites and instructors, the Massachusetts State Police and local police departments, the Motorcycle Safety Foundation, and other national motorcycling organizations, (such as the American Motorcycle Association and the Motorcycle Riders Foundation), (the Massachusetts Motorcycle Association) and many other motorcycle businesses and clubs in the Commonwealth,

NOW, THEREFORE, I, JANE SWIFT, Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, do hereby proclaim (the last week of March through the last week of April), to be


And urge all the citizens of the Commonwealth to take cognizance of this event and participate fittingly in its observance.

Given at the Executive Chamber in Boston, in the year of our Lord two thousand and two, and of the Independence of the United States of American, the two hundred and twenty-sixth.

By Her Excellency the Governor,
Jane Swift

More than 25% of the motorcycle fatlities in Massachusetts occur before the end of May. Please consider participating in a Motorcycle Safety Foundation Rider Education Program and

Always Ride Sober and Ride Safe.


Visit the Massachusetts Motorcyle Association